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#30000SuccessfulLeaders by 2030!

On our journey of identifying and acknowledging noteworthy successful leaders - see exclusive awards page - we've become aware of the remarkable, yet often inconspicuous leaders that form the backbone of organisations—perhaps individuals like you. So we asked ourselves: “Why not acknowledge these unsung leaders, solidifying society's critical need to cultivate leaders at every level?”

In a world facing turbulence, the demand for successful leaders is more critical than ever. While many advocate for developing more leaders, which should not be neglected, we believe there are many more existing successful leaders that we are unaware of, across all levels of organisations. Launching an international drive to spotlight this influential group could reshape societies. It's time to discover, acknowledge, and empower successful leaders across the board, with the vital mission of fostering more successful leaders.

While tracking the success of visible leaders is straightforward, the challenge lies in recognizing the less visible ones, especially because performance only isn't sufficient. To bridge this gap, we introduce "LeaderTrack," a technology that monitors a leader's prowess real-time, categorised by leadership levels, sectors, and countries. Upon qualification, the leader receives an exclusive Successful Leadership Certificate from ME-Vision Academy, renewable annually. If an organisation partners with us and has a reliable and credible process of identifying and tracking their successful leaders, we go with their data and place their qualifying leaders on their own branded LeaderTrack.

Our journey has crystallized into a vision: #30000SuccessfulLeaders by 2030. Imagine mobilizing so many truly successful leaders on one platform, customised by organisations and clearly identified by levels, sectors (industries) and countries—our dream is to mobilise 100,000. With your support, even the dream can become a reality. Are you one of the #30000SuccessfulLeaders?

If you wish to join this audacious yet vital mission, engage with us on any of these days for a discussion on the way forward - individually or as an organisation:

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There are better ways to reach your destination!

ME-Vision Academy is about a journey to Authentic Self-Confidence, which we refer to as “Best-Self Confidence”. Everyone needs and wants it. You want and need it for yourself, your children and employees. We help individuals, from technical specialists all the way through to senior leadership, to become and remain Best-Self Confident throughout their life and career. Let us assist you, your family and your employees.


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